Welcome to the White Mountains Autism Foundation

The Foundation exists to serve individuals in and around the White Mountains of Arizona who are diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

My Honey-Haired Boy

Barbara McMasters

I always knew there was a special challenge for me. I just didn’t know what it would be and when it would enter my life. I never realized it would enter my very core, in my heart and soul with such pain and joy all melded together, so that I would never again be the same. If there is sense to this universe, and as hard to understand as it might be, I do believe there is, this challenge is for the three of us together. We are interwoven with Love, Anger, Sorrow and Joy for all eternity. We are part of all life and connected with our every emotion. Our challenge will be our salvation. The reason for this lifetime. I thank God for you little boy, for finding us fit to be your guides through the years ahead. Through all eternity, long after the tears have all turned to joy, I will still love you – my sweet honey-haired boy.

For Ryan 4-2-91

Board Members

Donald McMasters – President

Paul Rance Pullin, PHP – Vice President

Aaron Peterson – Board Member

Nelda Golden, M.A. Ed – Board Member

Nathan Wilson – Board Member

Vera Bennett – Board Member

Diana Butler – Member at Large

Ezra Borrego, Life Coach – Member at Large

Barbara McMasters – Member at Large